KLORANE dry Shampoo with oat milk 150ml

Pierre Fabre

£18.99 £30.00

  • KLORANE shampoo dry milk on the basis of oats, is an innovative, highly effective preparation for all those who want to be always fresh, fed and cared for hair.

It does not require the use of water, you can have it always with you and use as often as necessary. Hair regains its volume and lightness within minutes after application. In addition, this product belongs to a group of hypoallergenic cosmetics.

This extract from oats properties softening and protective substances and pudrowych adsorbing excess sebum dry shampoo based on extract of oats makes the hair clean without water.

How to use:
Shake before use, spray a small amount of shampoo on the hair from a distance of about 30 cm. Leave on the hair approx. 2 minutes.Avoid inhalation of the product and contact with eyes.