KLORANE Force Tri-Active Serum with active complex of quinine-Caffeine-Arginine 100ml

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  • Klorane serum.The innovative combination of active ingredients - quinine, caffeine and arginine in a new klorane serum Force Tri-Active is a triple action on the hair. Concentrated formula serum stimulates hair growth, improves the density and resistance.

Active ingredients: complex of quinine-Caffeine-Arginine alpha-pinene, vitamin PP, vitamin B8 extract, rosemary extract, kleomy, vitamin B5, glutamic acid.

Innovative serum Tri-Active designed to improve hair density and resistance to various types of damage, and stimulate growth. The core product is a complex of quinine-Caffeine-Arginine, which effectively helps to stimulate cellular metabolism, which considerably accelerates the growth and strengthens the hair structure. Quinine is a factor stimulating microcirculation, which is important for increasing the penetration of nutrients to the bulb, which is a good condition of health of the hair. Action Arginine also helps to better nourish the scalp and restore its flexibility by stopping the glycation of collagen fibers. Quinine-complex supplement Caffeine-Arginine are other substances positively affect the hair: alpha-pinene - the relationship stimulating hair papilla cells, which prolongs the anagen phase; Vitamin B8 and PP, which add energy to hair; rosemary extract, which purifies the scalp, rich in sulfur amino acids extract kleomy, vitamin B5, so that the hair will be strengthened and moisturised, give them the shine and facilitate combing, glutamic acid as an inhibitor of 5 alpha-reductase inhibits hair loss and slows shortening the life cycles of hair. The serum is easy to use, thanks to its easy application that facilitates the applicator.

Serum Klorene Force Tri-Active with active complex of quinine-Caffeine-Arginine is recommended for people with thinning hair and dropping out.

How to use:
Serum should be applied three times a week. Spray the scalp and gently massage the serum. Then comb the hair.

The KLORANE Force Tri-Active Serum with active complex of quinine-Caffeine-Arginine 100ml destined to impress, and priced at only £126.99, for a limited time.

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