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Klosterfrau MELISANA 155ml


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Klosterfrau MELISANA 155ml

  • Klosterfrau melisana is used internally in the alternative, neurotic symptoms, states of mental and physical stress, sleep disorders, and in gastrointestinal disorders nervosa, flatulence, lack of appetite. OUTDOOR


Klosterfrau MELISANA Composition:

Klosterfrau MELISANA contains essential oils in an alcoholic extract. 100 ml of the preparation obtained from 4.04 g of compound, which consists of: 10.48% lemon balm leaves, rhizomes Oman 13.96% 13.96% angelica root, ginger rhizome 13.96% 5.57% carnation flowers. 5.57% galangi rhizome, fruit of black pepper 1.39% gentian root 13.96% 13.96% pericarp of orange, cinnamon bark, 6.28%, 0.7% pimp flowers, fruits cardamom 0.2%. 66% vol. Preparation of ethyl alcohol.

Klosterfrau MELISANA Action:
Included in the oils, terpenes have a sedative, spasmolytic and regulating digestion, as well as to improve blood circulation.

Klosterfrau MELISANA Indications:

Internal use: in the alternative, neurosis, states of tension and excitement, anxiety, difficult sleeping, headaches, sensitivity to weather changes, ailments of the heart without organic causes, painful menstruation and menopause, stomach-intestinal ailments such as indigestion, feeling excessive fullness after a meal, anorexia. It is also used to relieve the symptoms of colds or flu.

Do not use with gastric or duodenal ulcer.

Dosage Klosterfrau MELISANA:
Internally: unless otherwise indicated, the dose is 1 to 3 teaspoonfuls MELISANA Klosterfrau diluted at least twice the amount of water or other fluid, or administered with sugar (see examples of use).

Externally: unless otherwise prescribed, are used neat or dissolved drug at most double the amount of water (see examples of use).