KOMAROFF spray 70ml, mosquito repellent, insect, bug repellent

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  • KOMAROFF (mosquito, bug repellent, insect repellent )spray is a product that acts as an insect repellent and protects against bites. In addition, it exhibits antiseptic properties and alleviates pain. Moisturizes and regenerates.

Aqua, Polysorbate 80, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, D-Panthenol

Action: The
product has the form of a spray for external use. It consists of oil obtained from andiroby seeds known in the environment of the Indians of the Amazon jungle as an effective, natural way to deter insects. Andiroba oil protects against bites and acts antiseptically and alleviates pain. In addition, the product contains panthenol and glycerin, which have protective and moisturizing properties. What's more, they stimulate skin renewal.

Spray is recommended to use as a deterrent to insects (eg mosquitoes, ticks, napkins) and protection against bites. It can be used by whole family, children from 1 year old, adolescents and adults.

Apply locally. It is recommended to spray the skin surface exposed to bites. Apply the preparation at a distance of 15 cm. Face and neck applied indirectly.