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Kräuterhof gel 250ml Alter cooling Heideschafer, COOLING GEL


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  • Krauterhof COOLING GEL is a preparation that allows to alleviate musculoskeletal joint, rheumatism and headaches. Cools, regenerates and reduces post-traumatic swelling.

The gel is characterized by a complex, natural composition, which is responsible for neutralizing the pain within the muscles and joints. It allows you to eliminate muscle soreness, refresh and rejuvenate. Moreover, it relaxes the muscles, reducing their tension and cools and reduces post-traumatic swelling. In addition, it relieves rheumatism and headaches.

Recommended for use in athletes before and after exercise. Used in case of pain within the muscles and joints, as well as headaches and rheumatic ailments.

Apply externally, where the pain is.