KräuterhoF HAIR BALM 500ml.


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KräuterhoF HAIR BALM. Vitalizing balm with a rich formula and a pleasant texture with a fresh aroma. Combines shea butter, vitamins and herbal extracts of mint, chamomile, valerian, hops, yarrow, lemon balm and fennel. Visibly improves the condition of the hair, keeps it healthy and elastic, gives shine and volume, facilitates combing.

KräuterhoF HAIR BALM Composition:

Active ingredients

  • Chamomile extract
  • Fennel extract
  • Lemon balm extract
  • Mint
  • Oil from shy
  • Valerian extract
  • Hop extract
  • Yarrow extract

A way of use KräuterhoF HAIR BALM:

Apply to washed and drained hair, leave for a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.