KYTTA warming balm 50 g comfrey root and methyl nicotinate

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Kytta ® Warming

Balm Kytta Warming Balm contains an extract from comfrey root and methyl nicotinate.

Ingredients of the comfrey root (wallwort) have a pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect. By adding methyl nicotinate (nicotinic acid ester), Kytta Warming Balm also has anti-rheumatic and blood circulation-promoting properties.

As a result of increased blood flow, the treated parts of the body become pleasantly warm. Kytta Warming Balm does not smear or grease and is easy to wash off.

Kytta heat balm is used for the supportive treatment of rheumatic complaints: muscle pain and muscle tension; Joint discomfort, shoulder-arm pain, sciatica and lumbago.