L-CARNITINE 500 mg. 60 capsules


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L-CARNITINE Promotes muscle strengthening and fat burning.

L-CARNITINE Composition:

Each capsule contains: L-carnitine tartrate - 500 mg.


L-carnitine is a substance with a beneficial effect on the normal life processes in the body. It is an important factor for energy production in the body and for proper fat metabolism.

L-carnitine is a vitamin-like substance that our body produces. It can be found in the heart, skeletal muscles, liver and brain, but the amount produced is about 10% of the body's daily needs. Additional L-carnitine can be supplied through a variety of foods (meat, eggs and in smaller amounts than dairy products).

Studies show that normal daily needs for L-carnitine are between 500 mg and 1000 mg. For more intense physical activity and stress, the daily dose can vary from 1500 mg to 2000 mg, and for athletes it can reach 5000 mg.

Fats in the human body are "burned" inside the cell. L-carnitine plays a major role in the passage of fat across the cell membrane. When the fat molecule binds to the L-carnitine molecule, it can pass unimpeded inside the cell and "burn". By burning fat, our body produces the energy needed for all life processes.

The product has a proven effect on the breakdown of fats, especially effective in combination with diet and proper exercise. Increases energy capabilities and muscular endurance during heavy physical activity, helps to quickly recover and overcome unpleasant stress reactions.

L-carnitine stimulates the heart and improves its energy supply.

L-CARNITINE Indications:

-Facilitates muscle strengthening and fat burning

-Facilitates mental and physical performance

-Helps provide energy to the heart muscle

-Helps to improve metabolism

-It has a beneficial effect on sexual activity

-Powerful antioxidant action


It is recommended to take 1-2 capsules daily (1 capsule before sports or

exercise and 1 capsule - 1 hour before bedtime on an empty stomach).

A food supplement is not a substitute for a varied diet.

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.

Keep out of reach of children.