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LACALUT active toothpaste

Dr. Theiss Naturwaren GmbH

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LACALUT active toothpaste

Pack size:100mlDosage form:toothpaste

LACALUT active toothpaste

LACALUT active toothpaste - The sensible protection against bleeding gums

Toothpaste for immediately noticeable tightening and strengthening of the gums
Protects against bleeding gums and periodontitis
Sensitivity to irritation and pain are reduced

LACALUT active toothpaste - Developed specifically to prevent periodontitis and bleeding gums

The LACALUT active toothpaste contains In a balanced cleaning body base, a special active ingredient formula for noticeably tightening and strengthening of the gums.

Suitable for adults and teenagers aged 12 and over.
RDA: medium abrasiveness.

The formula for strengthened gums and protective oral and dental care.

LACALUT® Active Toothpaste

The medical toothpaste LACALUT active offers long-lasting protection against gum problems and periodontitis when used twice daily. The special formula with an astringent effect noticeably firms and tightens the gums from the first application*, so that bleeding gums can be prevented. With a high fluoride content for caries prevention and 12 hours of long-term protection to inhibit biofilm formation.

The result: Using LACALUT active leads to firmer gums, reduced bleeding gums, reduced sensitivity to irritation and pain, and protection against periodontitis and tooth decay. Because only healthy gums keep your teeth strong!

LACALUT, one of the oldest dental care brands in Germany, stands for tradition and innovation. With research and production in Homburg, Saarland, the proven brand has been offering high-quality oral and dental care products for over 90 years.

No colorants | dentally tested

Lacalut active - provides long-lasting protection against gum problems.

Instructions for use: Apply a pea-sized amount to the toothbrush twice a day and brush thoroughly, then spit out.
*astringent effect on the gums


  • Tightens and firms the gums
  • Protects against periodontitis and bleeding gums
  • The sodium fluoride used hardens the tooth enamel
  • Reduces irritation and sensitivity of the teeth

Brush your teeth morning and evening with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste.

Aqua, Sorbitol, Aluminum Hydoxide, Hydrated Silica, Silica, Poloxamer 188, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Aroma, Aluminum Lactate, Titanium Dioxide, Aluminum Fluoride, Allantoin, Chlorhexidine Digluconate, Sodium Saccharin, Bisabolol, Limonene.

Aluminium fluoride