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LACTOBACT AAD gastro-resistant capsules 40 pc

HLH BioPharma GmbH

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Lactobact ® AAD capsules

Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) For diet management in diarrhea associated with antibiotics

Lactobact AAD is the probiotic for antibiotics from the quality leader HLH BioPharma.
The use of antibiotics is often an important component in the treatment of bacterial diseases. However, antibiotics do not only have positive effects on our health. Many people struggle with various complications during or after antibiotic therapy. Antibiotics not only work against pathogens, but also damage our good intestinal bacteria. The protective gut microbiome is damaged by an antibiotic. As a result, diarrhea often occurs, but also stomach problems and nausea. Patients often do not associate such problems with taking antibiotics because, depending on the antibiotic, diarrhea can only occur 3 to 4 weeks after taking the antibiotic, for example. Taking Lactobact AAD every 2 hours after the antibiotic can reduce the risk of these health consequences. The 5 different probiotic bacterial strains in the product are particularly highly concentrated and specially tailored to avoid diarrhea and to preserve the intestinal microbiota as best as possible. In the practical capsule form, it is easy to take. Thanks to the patented protection of the capsule shell, the probiotic microorganisms reach the intestine undamaged to develop their effect there.

LACTOBACT AAD gastro-resistant Food for special medical purposes (balanced diet).