Lactoferrin used in weight loss, FLORADIX Lactoferrin

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Lactoferrin used in weight loss, FLORADIX Lactoferrin 100 mg capsules 30 pieces of 0.32 g each

Lactoferrin used in weight loss:

Weight loss: Lactoferrin has been shown to help promote the reduction of visceral fat in obese adults. Skincare: Studies have shown that lactoferrin may help improve skin condition in healthy adults.

For maximum absorption, lactoferrin should be taken before meals or on an empty stomach.

 Lactoferrin enhances weight loss and decreases body fat compared to casein. ► Lactoferrin inhibits weight regain and development of fatty liver formation. ► Lactoferrin also improves glucose tolerance and ameliorated adipose tissue inflammation.

Lactoferrin helps regulate the absorption of iron in the intestine and delivery of iron to the cells. It also seems to protect against bacterial infection, possibly by preventing the growth of bacteria by depriving them of essential nutrients or by killing bacteria by destroying their cell walls.

Lactoferrin, like probiotics, is sensitive to the lower pH acidic environment in the stomach. Nutritional supplements must pass through the stomach in order to get to the intestines where they can be utilized (Lonnerdal and Iyer, 1995; Takeuchi et al., 2006).

For the dietary management of iron deficiency anemia including inflammation-related forms.

Floradix ® Lactoferrin 100 mg capsules are suitable for the dietary treatment of diagnosed iron deficiency anemia, also during pregnancy.

The protein lactoferrin is obtained from cow's milk in a special manufacturing process. Lactoferrin is also an immunological component of breast milk and is used in infant formula. Lactoferrin is an iron-binding protein that affects the transfer of iron from the intestinal wall into the blood.
The dietary treatment of iron deficiency anemia is thus carried out by administering a nutrient.

Floradix ® Lactoferrin 100 mg capsules are also suitable as a dietary measure if you reject the taste of iron or if you have an intolerance to iron.

Dietary food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) People with a previous iron deficiency and the resulting changes in blood formation with a reduced hemoglobin value (Hb value) and ferritin stores can develop the clinical picture of iron deficiency anemia. This is accompanied by a reduced supply of oxygen to cells, tissues and organs, including the brain. This can also affect the development of the embryo in the last trimester of pregnancy. Because the red blood cells can only transport oxygen from the lungs using the red blood pigment hemoglobin with the central atom iron.

Drug iron therapy begins when insufficient dietary iron becomes available or ingested to meet iron requirements, resulting in decreased hemoglobin and iron deficiency anemia. The high-dose iron therapy that begins then eliminates the therapeutically relevant iron deficiency, but unfortunately it can often cause stomach pain and constipation or encounter a taste aversion to iron. These can be reasons for an early discontinuation
of iron therapy.

With the protein lactoferrin from cow's milk, there is now a dietary option available in iron deficiency anemia to improve the availability of iron for the body. Lactoferrin has an inconspicuous taste and is free from possible gastrointestinal intolerance caused by iron.

What is Floradix ® Lactoferrin?
The product consists of vegetable capsules, each containing 100 mg of bovine lactoferrin from cow's milk. This is obtained from cow's milk and isolated under gentle conditions. Lactoferrin is a largely digestible protein found in human and animal secretions and breast milk. It is an immunologically relevant iron-binding glycoprotein and belongs to the class of transferrins. On the one hand, lactoferrin contains iron as a nutrient for disease-causing bacteria. On the other hand, lactoferrin modulates the iron transfer of dietary iron by positively influencing the transfer from food into the organism and by making iron bound in the body (e.g. in the intestinal wall) available. In this way, lactoferrin also supports iron availability,

Lactoferrin improves the utilization of iron available in the body and improves its absorption - tasteless and without undesirable effects. Lactoferrin thus has a beneficial effect on iron metabolism. In the case of inflammatory diseases in particular, the iron metabolism is often disadvantageously blocked in such a way that the transfer of iron into the blood is inhibited.
Floradix ® Lactoferrin is suitable for long-term use in the dietary management of iron deficiency anemia, assuming normal dietary or medicinal iron intake.

What is Floradix ® Lactoferrin used for?
Floradix® _Lactoferrin is used as a dietary food for special medical purposes (balanced diet) for the dietary treatment of diagnosed iron deficiency anemia, including forms caused by inflammation.

Swallow 1 capsule twice a day between meals with sufficient liquid; Duration of use according to doctor's instructions.

Important information:
Supplementary balanced diet. Not intended for exclusive nutrition.
Use only under medical supervision.
The recommended dosage must be observed.
If necessary, coordinate consumption with the doctor or a specialist for nutritional advice.
Also suitable for diagnosed iron deficiency anemia during pregnancy.

Lactoferrin from cow's MILK (freeze-dried), starch, coating agent hydroxypropylmethylcellulose (capsule shell), bulking agent cellulose, release agent magnesium salts of fatty acids, coloring agent titanium dioxide.

Lactoferrin is derived from cow's milk.
Do not use if you have a milk protein allergy.

Storage Instructions and Shelf Life:

Keep out of the reach of children and store in a dry place below 25°C.

nutritional information
daily dose per 100 g
energy 1378kJ / 330kcal
Fat 1.0g
hereof: saturated fatty acids 0.2g
carbohydrates 57g
of which sugars 43g
protein 30g
Salt 0.08g
nutritional information
daily dose per 2 capsules
energy 10kJ / 2kcal
Fat <0.5g
hereof: saturated fatty acids <0.5g
carbohydrates <0.5g
of which sugars <0.5g
protein <0.5g
Salt <0.01g
Other components
daily dose per 2 capsules
Lactoferrin Powder 200 mg
made from cow's milk (freeze-dried)

Lactoferrin is derived from cow's milk.
Do not use if you have a milk protein allergy.