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Lactol Puppy Milk, Powdered milk substitute for puppies


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Lactol Puppy Milk Powdered milk substitute for puppies 250 g


Beaphar Lactol Puppy is a milk replacer for puppies from birth to 35 days of age and as a supplement to the diet of bitches during pregnancy or lactation. The preparation has optimally selected proportions of macronutrients, vitamins and minerals, therefore it is an ideal food supplementing or replacing mother's milk from the first days of the puppy's life. The product is rich in essential amino acids. It is based on whey protein and does not contain casein, so it does not increase the risk of allergies in puppies. Milk is produced at a temperature below 56 degrees, thanks to which the proteins and immunoglobulins contained in it are not damaged. It has been enriched with a mixture of vegetable oils, easy to digest because they have previously been subjected to homogenization and emulsification processes to increase digestibility.

Indications Lactol Puppy Milk, Powdered milk substitute for puppies:

Milk replacer for orphaned puppies, complementary food for puppies receiving too little mother's milk, addition to the diet of bitches during pregnancy and lactation.

Lactol Puppy Milk, Powdered milk substitute for puppies Action

The optimal composition of nutrients, a solid protein base, supplemented with valuable fats and a vitamin and mineral complex will ensure a safe and healthy start for puppies in adulthood. Beaphar Puppy Milk is an active protection of the health of orphaned puppies that require responsible feeding, as well as an easily digestible and easily assimilable dietary supplement for dogs during convalescence after surgeries and illnesses. Ensure your dog returns to full strength by ensuring proper nutrition of the body, strengthening the skeletal and joint system, stimulating the immune system and restoring general balance. The high-protein Beaphar Puppy Milk powder, thanks to its form, is also a convenient addition that does not burden the digestive tract, supplementing protein and energy deficiencies in animals subjected to great physical and mental effort. Optimal proportions of basic nutrients and based on synergistic action ensure proper support for the body of a growing dog, as well as a pet in specific physiological states, requiring special care and attention. Ideally replacing mother's milk, Beaphar Puppy Milk will nourish an orphaned puppy, mobilize the immune system and support natural development processes. Choose a diet you can be sure of. Beaphar Puppy Milk, safely to your best health.

Use Lactol Puppy Milk, Powdered milk substitute for puppies:

Proportions - for every 1 gram of powder, add 3 grams of water - 1 ml of water = 1 gram. - 1 teaspoon = 2.5 grams of powder. Mix 30 grams of Puppy Milk with 100 ml of warm, boiled water (50-60°C) until the powder is completely dissolved. While maintaining the above-mentioned proportions, the finished mixture should amount to 125 ml. Leave to cool (38°C). Use the prepared milk within 24 hours and store it in refrigerated conditions (2 - 8°C) between meals. Before feeding, mix the previously prepared milk thoroughly, pour out the appropriate portion and heat it to a temperature of (38°C).

Recommended daily dose - Read the table with recommended feeding doses carefully. Give your puppy as much milk as he wants (at first his stomach is very small). It is impossible to specify exact daily amounts, due to differences in age, size of the animal or breed, "feeding on demand" is the best solution. Framework doses and further recommendations are available in the attached leaflet.

Animals must have constant access to clean, fresh water, changed every day.
It is recommended to sterilize the equipment (bottle and pacifier) ​​before each feeding, especially to young animals.