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Active ingredient: lactulose.

Constipation, which cannot be adequately influenced by a high-fiber diet and other general measures, as well as diseases that require easier bowel movements. Prevention and treatment of portocaval encephalopathy (ie disorders of the brain function as a result of chronic liver diseases, especially in cirrhosis of the liver). Contains fructose, galactose and lactose. The content of digestible carbohydrates in 100 ml of syrup is a maximum of 17 g (corresponding to 1.4 BU).

For LACTULOSE information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
ALIUD PHARMA® GmbH, Postfach 1380, 89146 Laichingen. 

LACTULOSE AL syrup syrup with a laxative effect

• For constipation
• Proven active ingredient
• With lactulose, a double sugar made from galactose and fructose.

Help with constipation

Sluggishness is a common problem: around 30-60% of Germans suffer from it. If there has been no bowel movement for more than three days and the stool is lumpy or hard, or if you have to press hard to defecate, it is called constipation. The technical term is constipation. Constipation often occurs when traveling, when you have to adapt to new eating and living habits, but also as a result of illness, pregnancy or as a side effect of medication. Chronic constipation is mostly due to a lack of fiber, fluids, and adequate exercise. In the long term, therefore, usually only a change in lifestyle brings improvement. Laxatives such as LACTULOSE AL syrup are suitable to get the bowel going again and to make bowel movements easier.

Proven active ingredient

Two effects are responsible for the laxative effect of lactulose: the water binding in the intestine increases the volume of the intestinal contents, the stool remains moist and smooth and the intestinal movement is indirectly stimulated. The intestinal movement should be stimulated directly through the breakdown products of lactulose (especially lactic and acetic acid). The laxative effect can occur after 2 to 10 hours; if the dosage is insufficient, 24 to 48 hours can pass before the first bowel movement. The dosage must be adjusted individually as required.

LACTULOSE AL syrup is taken orally. The dosages given are for guidance only and must be adjusted depending on the severity and development of the clinical picture. The dosage for adults is the consumption of 7.5-15 ml LACTULOSE AL syrup once or twice a day (corresponding to 5-10 g lactulose once or twice a day). LACTULOSE AL syrup can be dissolved or diluted in water or other liquids. It can be taken independently of meals. The duration of treatment depends on the development of the clinical picture. 

Drink enough

It is important to drink a sufficient amount: Experts recommend a daily amount of two liters (e.g. water, tea, fruit spritzer or mineral water). A glass of mineral water or fruit juice on an empty stomach in the morning helps to stimulate the intestines and often triggers the bowel reflex.

Getting the bowel going Yoga, tai chi or qigong are both mental and physical training and helpful for gastrointestinal complaints such as constipation. Regular relaxation breaks promote digestion. Suitable relaxation methods are, for. B. Progressive muscle relaxation and autogenic training For breakfast: fiber!

Fiber and wheat bran, flaxseed or flea seeds are important helpers for the intestines. They swell up when they absorb water and make the stool softer. It is important to drink a lot while doing this, otherwise the constipation may worsen. Fresh or dried fruit, e.g. B. plums and figs also stimulate the intestines.

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the best way to take LACTULOSE AL syrup?
The required dose of LACTULOSE AL syrup should be measured with the measuring cup. Then the amount is drunk with water or with warm drinks, e.g. coffee or tea. Alternatively, the measured amount of LACTULOSE AL syrup can be stirred into yogurt, muesli or porridge. It can be taken independently of meals.

How long does it take for LACTULOSE AL syrup to work?
Even if the recommended dose of LACTULOSE AL syrup is taken correctly, it can take some time before the desired effect is achieved. This can vary from patient to patient. The laxative effect can already occur after 2–10 hours; however, it can also pass 1–2 days before the first bowel movement, especially if the dosage is still inadequate.

When should I not take LACTULOSE AL syrup?
Symptoms such as abdominal pain, vomiting and fever can be signs of a serious illness such as bowel obstruction (ileus) or inflammation in the gastrointestinal area. In the event of such symptoms, LACTULOSE AL syrup should not be taken and a doctor should be consulted immediately. LACTULOSE AL syrup should also not be taken if the water and electrolyte balance is disturbed (salt loss).