LACVITAL Colostrum hair shampoo every hair

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LACVITAL Colostrum hair shampoo every hair

pack size:200ml Dosage form:shampoo

What is colostrum?
Colostrum (lat. colostrum) is the scientific term for the first milk of mammals. The mother produces this first milk to provide the newborn with the best possible care in the first few days. Colostrum from cows (bovine colostrum) is 99% equal to human colostrum, but is 4 times richer in concentration.
Colostrum is vital for the newborn calf because it
• stabilizes and supports the immune system
• protects against germs in the environment
• and ensures survival.

With such a responsibility, it is quite natural that colostrum is unique in this composition and concentration. No substance - neither vegetable nor chemically produced - has this variety and concentration of ingredients. Optimized by nature over thousands of years, colostrum offers a complex system of immune substances:
• Vitamins, natural growth factors, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, immunoglobulins and immune regulators. These are in perfectly balanced relation to one another.

Colostrum - these are not just any random individual parts thrown together, but a complex system of active ingredients that are supplied by nature itself in a sensibly balanced composition.

Colostrum is nature's oldest recipe, as old as motherhood. So it's no wonder that the positive influence of colostrum on mental and physical performance was not first discovered by us, but much earlier:
it was used in India as a liquid food 'for physical and mental well-being' more than a thousand years ago. In India, however, first milk is now reserved for the wealthy.
The Americans also recognized the effects of first milk early on. It was used as a 'natural antibiotic' for regeneration during the war between the northern and southern states.
In ancient Egypt, colostrum was considered a gift from the sun god Re. The pharaohs and the high priests were not allowed to take it.
In ancient Greece, colostrum was the source of power for athletes, providing them with energy. It was ingested through food and supplied the organism with nutrients that were supposed to increase the athletic performance of athletes.
As early as the end of the 18th century, the physician Christoph Wilhelm Hufeland, personal physician to Goethe and Schiller, described the different effects of colostrum on normal breast milk. He recognized the positive influence of colostrum on the state of health and the enormous growth of newborn cattle. So he prescribed colostrum and used it as a remedy for his patients.
In 1955, foremilk came back into the focus of research. A publication on "immune milk" as a dietary supplement for people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis was published. As a result, colostrum and its components were specifically examined. It was confirmed that mammals that were breastfed by their mother were significantly less likely to develop allergies and infections. It also resulted in greater appetites and faster growth than non-breastfed mammals. In the same year, colostrum was also rediscovered in America as an anti-rheumatic drug.

Why Lac Vital?
The colostrum formula created by nature is characterized by an optimal profile: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids, immunoglobulins and growth factors. This unique composition must be preserved and won.
That is why the following applies to the colostrum extract for all LacVital™ products: Quality over quantity.
So the quality of the colostrum starts with the choice of the source: the cow. Furthermore, the point in time at which the first milk is obtained is of crucial importance. Because already on the second day, the special active substance content of the first milk is reduced by approx. 40% and has reached "0" on the 5th day.
Important questions are therefore necessary in advance:
• What kind of cows are they?
• Where do the cows come from?
• How are the cows kept?
• Is the first milk free of chemical substances such as antibiotics?
• When is the colostrum obtained?
• Is the calf's milk being stolen?

Here the answer must be very clear:
• Registered 'grass cows'
• From Germany and Austria
• In controlled farms
• Free from residues
• Collection within the first 24 hours after calving, because the active ingredient content is highest here
• No, the calf will Sufficiently supplied with first milk:
LacVital™ is only obtained from excess first milk.

There are about 12.8 million cows in Germany. We don't know them all by name. But it is reassuring and crucial to know where the cows come from, how they are raised and what the quality of their colostrum is that is used for the LacVital™ products.

Production below 40°C
• The processing temperature of the Colostrum LacVital™ products is below 40°C throughout the entire process.
• The Colostrum LacVital™ serum is preserved by means of cold sterile filtration.
• The colostrum powder is obtained by means of complex, effective freeze-drying of the sterile-filtered colostrum serum.
• No heating methods are used to preserve the food and no preservatives are added, as this is the only way to preserve the valuable vital substances.

Immunoglobulins are called antibodies in German-speaking countries. These are proteins that are produced as a response of the immune system to the invading pathogens. Immunoglobulin G (IgG) deserves special mention. This colostrum ingredient is the most present. IgG goes from the gut to the lymphatic system. There it neutralizes toxins and kills invading viruses.

It is one of the most powerful antiviral and antibacterial substances.
Proline Rich Polypeptides (PRP)
This hormone regulates the thymus gland. It rebalances the immune system that attacks the body itself. PRP stimulates dysfunctional immune systems and regulates allergies.

Amino acids
They ensure the provision of energy in the physical and mental area and thus influence physical and mental performance.

Natural growth factors
have a positive influence on the immune system and cell processes in the body.

Ensure a regulated protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism.

Other ingredients
Endorphins, interferons, transferrin, biotin, L-carnitine, melatonin, interleukins, prolactin, insulin, etc.

LacVital – How it all began
We have been developing and producing highly concentrated colostrum products under the LacVital brand name since 1997, making us one of the pioneers in the field of modern preparation of foremilk products. dr dr Franz Starflinger, one of the founders, is in close contact with research institutions such as the University of Cologne and London when it comes to research on the subject of colostrum. He also uses colostrum in his practice, the GYN center in Mühldorf, for example to accompany chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Hair shampoo Hair
shampoo with highly pure colostrum serum.
Due to its natural ingredients, LacVital™ Derm hair shampoo is also suitable for allergy sufferers.
It is soap and alkali free

• Nourishes from root to tip
• Prevents damage such as split ends and hair breakage • Provides
lasting shine and strengthens thin hair
• Invigorates the scalp and supplies it with vital substances
• Promotes hair growth
• Actively prevents hair loss • Penetrates
deep into the hair and can stimulate sleeping "hair buds". grow
• With valuable plant extracts such as aloe barbadensis gel
• Accompanying therapy for neurodermatitis, psoriasis, itchy scalp and scalp problems