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LADIVAL Children's Apres Lotion

STADA Consumer Health Deutschland GmbH

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Ladival ® Children's Après Lotion - For sensitive children's and babies' skin

Pack size:200 ml Dosage form:lotion

Children 's skin is much thinner and more sensitive than adult skin and therefore places the highest demands on après-ski.

This après-care milk has a rich formulation and is suitable for sensitive children and babies' skin or for neurodermatitis. The milk contains dexpanthenol and vitamin E and provides intensive moisture. It soothes and cares for sun-irritated skin after sunbathing.

profile • Soothes and nourishes after the sun
• Provides intensive moisture
• Dermatologically tested
• Without PEG emulsifiers
• Without perfume Instructions for

After sunbathing, gently cleanse the skin and dry it well. Then apply the après-care milk to sun-irritated skin and let it soak in. Repeat if necessary. As suitable sun protection for sensitive children and babies' skin or for neurodermatitis, we recommend the Ladival ® series for children sun protection (as milk, cream or spray). Shake well before use.

Frequently asked questions and answers

When does the protective effect of Ladival start?  Tests have confirmed
especially for Ladival ® that the protection takes effect immediately after application. This applies to all Ladival ®  sun protection products. Both the organic and mineral filters are effective immediately after application.

Is Ladival skin-friendly?
Ladival is kind to the skin as it is free from perfume, colorings and preservatives 1 . In addition, we do not use mineral oils, silicone oils and PEG emulsifiers, as these ingredients also have a negative impact on skin tolerance.

Is Ladival coral-friendly?
Ladival is committed to the environment by being coral-friendly according to the Hawaiian Reef Act 2is. Because UV filters in sun creams are suspected of damaging coral reefs or even causing them to die. They get into the oceans via our body and can take away the glorious color of the corals - one also speaks of coral bleaching. By omitting UV filters such as octinoxate and oxybenzone, almost every Ladival ®  sun cream 3 is coral-friendly and therefore not only gentle on the skin, but also gentle on nature.

From what age can Ladival ® be used  for children?
In general: There is no age limit for the use of Ladival ® Products! The UV filters used are also well tolerated by young skin. However, children under two years of age should never be exposed to direct sunlight! When staying in the sun is unavoidable, e.g. B. when going out in a stroller, all other sun protection measures such as parasols, hats, long-sleeved clothing, sunglasses, etc. should first be exhausted. All uncovered areas of the skin should be covered with a Ladival ®  sunscreen from the For Children range.

Are there Ladival ®  products for children without nanoparticles?
Ladival ®  for children sun protection milk SPF 50+ does not contain any nanoparticles. If the child is over 3 years old, Ladival ® lotion or cream (not the spray) can be used for sensitive skin. Like all Ladival ®  sun protection products, these are free from perfume, colorings and preservatives 1 , and the products in this series are
moisturizing and waterproof. However, if the child is younger than 3 years, the use of Ladival ®  for children’s products is recommended , as these are specially tailored to the needs of children's skin. 

1 according to VO (EG) No. 1223/2009 (appendix 5)
2 according to Hawaii standard, without sun protection filter Benzophenone-3 (Oxybenzone) and Ethylhexyl Methoxycinnamate (Octinoxate) 3 except Ladival Aktiv LSF and Ladival Tattoo.