LADY-COMP BABY computer cycle 1 piece, ovulation calculator, family planning

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  • LADY COMP BABY is a device targeted for couples who are trying to conceive. It facilitates conception, indicating the best time for effective coexistence. It also has the function of planning sex.

A small computer with a wide functionality makes it easy to conceive a child, while contributing to the planning of their gender. Icon "the baby" means a place where you enter information about coexistence. Based on these data, the computer calculates the expected date of conception and birth of a child. The icons in the form of a "boy" or "girl" appearing during the fertile days indicate the best time for conception one sex.

the computer will inform about the probable pregnancy after 4-5 days (after the introduction of information on sex ratio) with alternating flashing colored lights. after 15 days, the device indicates a possible pregnancy and this will mean at the same time flashing colored LEDs. after 18 days, information about the pregnancy is confirmed and indicated by the continuous glow of colorful lights.

Additionally, the device enables you to control fertility through analyzing data such as the number of all stored cycles, the average cycle length, the average temperature rise after ovulation, the extent of ovulation, the length of the luteal phase, anovulatory cycles, failure of the corpus luteum cycles effort.

Software: COMP LADY Baby
Power source: 2 rechargeable batteries Micro AAA (included), the ability to use 1.5V AAA batteries
Display: backlit color
Weight: 52 g
Memory: includes measurements of 250 days
Temperature range: 34,50-41,00 ° C with an accuracy of 0.01 degree Celsius
Auto Power off: yes (after 30 seconds of inactivity)
Dimensions: oval shape - 7 x 10 cm, 2.5 cm in height kit includes: a device case, instruction manual, warranty card, USB cable, brochures

The device is recommended for couples seeking to conceive a child and planning his sex. Desirable to detect irregularities cycle.

How to use:
Apply externally. Using the tip of a sensor to measure body temperature every day when you wake up. Said tip insert into the mouth under the tongue in the lateral position. The measurement takes about 30-40 seconds (the end of the sound signals, and displays the result). The time limit in which the temperature must be measured, is determined for six hours and includes three hours before and three hours after the time of detecting the temperature of the previous day.