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LADY-COMP BASIC computer cycle 1 piece, fertile days, ovulation calculator

Valley Electronics

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  • LADY COMP BASIC is a device constitutes an excellent alternative to standard methods of contraception. With daily measurement of temperature, determines when it is possible to become pregnant (fertile days, ovulation), and when not (infertile).

The product has the form of a small computer equipped additionally with a tip of the sensor. This tip is used for everyday temperature measurement (after waking up).

Obtaining this information enables the device to determine if it is possible to become pregnant (ovulation, fertile days), and when not (infertile). These days determined using colored indicators (fertile days - red, infertile - green). It has a built-in alarm clock, which prevents oversight until the temperature measurement.

The computer also informs about the probability of becoming pregnant 15 days after ovulation (mean the flashing colored lights).The same signaling on day 18 after ovulation is a confirmation of this information.

Software: LADY COMP Basic
Power source: 2 rechargeable batteries Micro AAA (included), the ability to use 1.5V AAA batteries
Display: backlit color
Weight: 52 g
Memory: includes measurements of 180 days
Temperature range: 34,50-41,00 ° C with an accuracy of 0.01 degree Celsius
Auto Power off: yes (after 30 seconds of inactivity)
Dimensions: oval shape - 7 x 10 cm, 2.5 cm in height kit includes: a device case, instruction manual, warranty card, USB cable, brochures

The device is recommended to be used as part of the natural methods of contraception based on the observation cycle (determining the fertile and infertile days, ovulation) and temperature measurement.

How to use:
Apply externally. Using the tip of a sensor to measure body temperature every day when you wake up. Said tip insert into the mouth under the tongue in the lateral position. The measurement takes about 30-40 seconds (the end of the sound signals, and displays the result). The time limit in which the temperature must be measured, is determined for six hours and includes three hours before and three hours after the time of detecting the temperature of the previous day.