LAGUBO mountain pine gum pastilles 60 g thyme, primrose and ribwort

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LAGUBO ® mountain pine, thyme, primrose and ribwort

gum candy LaGuBo ® - inhalation to
suckle LaGuBo ® , the pharmaceutical lozenge made from organic mountain pine oil and gum arabic, moisturizes your airways, soothes irritation and protects and cares for your airways. LaGuBo ® is ideal for everyone who suffers from an irritated throat , dry oral mucosa or a heavy voice. When sucking, the lozenges slowly release the essential oils that are bound in them. So they arrive where they can care for and protect your irritated airways. Like a micro-inhalation. LaGuBo ®from the Marien-Apotheke Bad Reichenhall. Naturally. Sustainable. Regional from the alpine city. Exclusively with organic mountain pine oil and traditional ingredients from the Alpine region in first-class pharmacopoeia quality.

When is LaGuBo ® good for you:
Unpleasant, persistent urge to cough, husky voice, dry mouth?
The pharmaceutical LaGuBo ® lozenges help you regain control of your airways. LaGuBo ® moisturizes, cares for and protects the irritated airways.

How do the pharmaceutical LaGuBo ® lozenges help ?
LaGuBo ®is the micro-inhalation for sucking. The essential mountain pine oil is integrated in the “solid solution” of the lozenge and finely distributed in the gum arabic. When sucking, the droplets with the essential oils are released again and nourish the airways with micro-inhalation.

What is the difference between LaGuBo ® and conventional sugar candies?
In contrast to hard-boiled sugar candies, the oily, solid and liquid components in the valuable pharmaceutical lozenges are permanently bound and are only released again when you suck them, so that they arrive where they can nourish and moisturize - in your respiratory tract.

What are the vegan LaGuBo ® pastilles made of?
LaGuBo ®contains precious organic mountain pine oil and traditional ingredients from the Alpine region in first-class pharmacopoeia quality. The valuable organic mountain pine oil is harvested locally, sustainably and carefully processed.

The extracts from the medicinal herbs thyme, primrose and ribwort in pharmacopoeia quality support the irritated mucous membranes. The gum arabic - obtained from the sap of acacia trees - binds the essential oils and slowly releases them when sucking. LaGuBo ® is vegan, without artificial flavors and tastes good too.

Home and tradition of LaGuBo ® - since 1926
Mountain pine oil was first distilled in Bad Reichenhall in 1856. As a result, the oil was used in Reichenhall's health resort together with brine from the salt springs to treat respiratory diseases. In 1926 Reichenhall's second pharmacist binds the volatile oil in pastilles made of gum arabic "Against diseases of the respiratory tract, hoarseness, etc.". The result is LaGuBo ® , the inhalation to suck in for your airways.

4. Ingredients
gum arabic 33.15%; Sugar; Maltitol; Mountain pine oil (organic) 0.25%; Thyme extract; Primrose extract; Plantain extract; Flavors: peppermint oil; Menthol and anise oil; Dye: chlorophyllin.

Nutritional information: contain 100 g
Energy 889kJ / 212 kcal, fat 0 g, of which saturated fatty acids 0 g, carbohydrates 43 g, of which sugar 26 g, fiber 33 g, protein 0.8g, salt <0.01 g

thyme, primrose and ribwort Contents: 60 pastilles / 60g