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Lancet Insufine x 100 pieces

Polfa SA Tarchomin

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  • Product for people who don't like pain. Lancet Insufine through a thin, silicone-coated needle reduces the discomfort caused by the puncture. The blade fits most lancets on the market.

Lancet Insufine is an excellent choice for people sensitive to pain, because the blade is very thin (only 28G), and in addition is covered with silicone, which reduces the discomfort accompanying puncture.The shape of the needle is carefully designed, and the quality of the blade ensures the three layer polishing technique. The product is sterile through Gamma radiation sterilization. Universal lancet shape makes it compatible with most models of lancets on the market.

Lancet Insufine recommended as a complementary blade for most of lancets.

Additional information:
The product disposable. Re-use of used lancet by the same person or another person associated with the risk of microbiological contamination. Keep out of reach of children.

How to use:
Use in accordance with the instructions matching lancets. The used lancet discarded.