Lancet Optilets x 50 pieces, taking blood samples, blood test


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  • Lancet Optilets is a medical device designed to puncture the skin for the purpose of taking blood samples, adapted for use with an Optilet lancet. Sterile, single use product.

Interchangeable, disposable, sterile lancets compatible with the Optilet lancet. They facilitate the sampling of blood. Be sure to wash and dry your hands before starting the treatment. When the lancet is finished, discard the lancet and secure the lancet with a protective cap. The use of the device in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions is a guarantee that it will function properly for a long time. 

Lancet Optilets designed to puncture the skin to take a capillary blood sample to test glucose levels.

Additional information:
Disposable product. Reuse of used lancet by the same person or another person is associated with a risk of microbiological infection. Keep away from children.

How to use:
Use the lancet according to the instructions. Thrown out lancet.