LANSINOH breast milk storage bags

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LANSINOH breast milk storage bags

Pack size:25 pcs Dosage form:bag

LANSINOH breast milk storage bags For the safe and space-saving storage of breast milk.

Lansinoh breast milk bags have been developed for the safe and space-saving storage of breast milk in the refrigerator and freezer.
The medical bags are pre-sterilized, made of polyethylene and, thanks to our special manufacturing process, are guaranteed to be free of additives and PVC plasticizers. This ensures that no harmful substances get into the milk during storage.
The double zip-lock closure ensures a secure vacuum seal and effective leakage protection.
The labeling field is outside the filling zone. This prevents the pen from making holes in the bag envelope or from contaminating the milk with ink.

LANSINOH breast milk storage bags are suitable for up to 180 ml of liquid. The amount filled in can then be precisely determined using an easily readable scale on the bag. Each bag has gussets that can expand during freezing. Thanks to the practical dispenser packaging, the bags can be removed comfortably and individually.
The Lansinoh breast milk sachet comes with 25 sachets.

More information on LANSINOH breast milk storage bags
Breast milk is very important for the development of your baby, because breast milk contains exactly the ingredients that the baby needs depending on its age. Nutrients and antibodies, enzymes and cells for immune defense as well as other ingredients give the baby the best nourishment to grow up and at the same time protect the baby from diseases and infections. Of course, you therefore want to be certain that your breast milk is being stored well and safely. Because breast milk can only remain so valuable if it is properly stored.

Lansinoh breast milk bags are made of polyethylene (PE). A special process enables us to manufacture breast milk bags without plasticizers or additives. This prevents harmful substances from getting into breast milk from the bags. In addition, Lansinoh breast milk bags are neutral in smell and taste.

Please fill the Lansinoh breast milk bags carefully after pumping from the bottle. If the bags are attached to the breast pump with clips or similar holders, the bag may be damaged. The breast milk bags unfold when they are filled and are stable. Please carefully and carefully remove the breast milk bags from the freezer compartment. For example, if a bag falls on the floor or is damaged, breast milk may leak when it is thawed.

LANSINOH breast milk storage bags Instructions for use:

  • Tear off the security seal at the top of the bag and open the double zip-lock by carefully pulling apart.
  • Fill the breast milk bag (Lansinoh breast milk bags are pre-sterilized and should not be washed out beforehand).
  • Before you close the bag, read off the amount of breast milk you have filled with the help of the printed scale.
  • To avoid freezer burn, please remove the air from the Lansinoh breast milk bag as completely as possible before freezing. Please use your middle and index fingers like scissors by slowly pushing the air above the liquid level towards the lock.
  • Close the bag by squeezing the double zip lock. Read off the amount of milk filled in while the bag is standing horizontally on a table top with the bag bottom up. Then please enter the amount of milk you have pumped and the respective date in the labeling area provided.
  • The bags can be stored vertically or horizontally in the refrigerator or freezer. If you want to store several bags on top of each other in the freezer, we recommend placing a piece of kitchen paper between the bags or between the bag and the freezer wall. This prevents possible freezing and makes removal easier.