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LANSINOH THERA PEARL 3in1 ThermoPearl pillow

Lansinoh Laboratories Inc. Germany branch

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LANSINOH THERA PEARL 3in1 ThermoPearl pillow

Pack size:2 pcs Dosage form:Compresses

LANSINOH THERA PEARL 3-in-1 ThermoPearl Pillow

Recommended to breastfeeding mothers - Lansinoh ® Thera°Pearl ® 3-in-1 ThermoPearl are the answer to the different needs during breastfeeding. The fine gel beads adapt optimally and thus ensure maximum relief from the symptoms.

The Lansinoh pearl pillow can be used extremely flexibly in different ways: The warming application with 3-in-1 ThermoPearls relaxes the breast and promotes milk flow. Used as a cold compress, the pearl pillow relieves tension and pain and reduces swelling. Attached to the pump funnel of a breast pump, the heated bead cushion can help stimulate the milk ejection reflex, speed up pumping and relax the mother.

  • BPA/BPS free
  • Without latex
  • As a heating pad: To relieve engorgement and mastitis. It also promotes the flow of milk and can also accelerate the triggering of the milk ejection reflex.
  • As a cold compress: To relieve pain, swelling and tension
  • Can be used flexibly on any breast pump and can stimulate the milk ejection reflex
  • Unique ThermoBeads, extremely flexible even when frozen
  • Reusable, supplied with soft washable covers