LATOPIC x 30 sachets, probiotics benefits, the digestive tract allergy and atopic dermatitis

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  • LATOPIC preparation is a probiotic, which preferably acts on the condition of the digestive tract allergy and atopic dermatitis. This increases the integrity of the intestinal barrier, limiting the penetration of allergens.

Each sachet contains 1 billion freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria in the following proportions: 50% Lactobacillus paracasei LOCK 0919, 25% of Lactobacillus casei LOCK 0908, 25% of lactobacillus casei LOCK 0900 Additives: maltodekstryna- bulking acid askorbinowy- antioxidant.

The center is a special dietary source of 3 strains of lactic acid bacteria (human origin and belonging to a particular species).Research shows that a very positive effect on compliance with the standard functioning of the body. The preparation is easy to use and completely safe for health. In view of the fact that during atopic dermatitis occurs relaxation of intestinal barrier, is an increase in the permeability of allergens. By using the lactic acid bacteria it is possible to reduce the permeability. In addition, these bacteria stimulate the production of mucus and support the maintenance of immune balance and microbial. The product is characterized by the resistance properties of bile and stomach acid. Moreover, it shows antagonist activity against pathogenic bacteria.

- allergic to ingredients
- used with caution with immune disorders in infants Indications: The center is intended for oral administration for atopic dermatitis and allergies of a tract.

For oral use. Use sachet 1 x 1/24 when dissolved in a small amount of water or milk. Take at least 3 months. The product should be kept in the refrigerator.