LAUF-FIT vet. horse food 250 ml

cdVet Natural Products GmbH

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LAUF-FIT vet. horse food


PRE-MIXTURE of flavoring and appetizing additives for horses.
By feeding Lauffit, nutritional deficiencies in the joint area can be prevented or eliminated.

cdVet Lauffit is a natural premix for nutrition-related support of the entire musculoskeletal system and, in the case of sports, for prevention.

LAUF-FIT vet. horse food Composition:
Flavors whose addition to animal feed improves the smell or palatability: 120g per kg;
Carrier: Drinking water

Synthetic additives per liter: NONE

Additional product information on other ingredients:
With extracts from ginkgo, marigold, devil's claw, willow, horse chestnut, arnica

LAUF-FIT vet. horse food Feeding recommendation:
if necessary: ​​add 10ml twice a day to the food for at least 4 weeks; Feeding when needed all year round:
10ml twice a week