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LAWENOL liquid 30g alcohol lavender - Lavender Essential Oil


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  • Muscle pain. LAWENOL is a product whose external application allows you to warm up and the simultaneous expansion of the capillaries of the skin making it alleviates muscle pain.

100 g solution contains: active substance: lavender oil 0.6 g excipients: ethanol (760 g / l), purified water. The drug contains about 70% (v / v) ethanol.

The product operates on the basis of lavender essential oil and ethanol. With these irritating ingredients and warming causing the consequence of capillary dilation, and thus alleviating pain in muscles or joints.

The preparation should be applied externally in case of muscle pain, musculo-articular neuralgia.

It is recommended to use external 20-40g rubbed in places where the pain is.

Details: Lavender Essential Oil