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LAXANS AL Bisacodyl enteric coated tablets

ALIUD Pharma GmbH

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Laxans AL Bisacodyl tablets

Active ingredient: Bisacodyl.

For short-term use in the case of constipation and diseases that require easier bowel movements. Contains glucose, lactose and sucrose (sugar).

For Bisacodyl information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.
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LAXANS AL Bisacodyl For easier bowel movements • With the active ingredient bisacodyl • For short-term use in the case of constipation and diseases that require easier bowel evacuation • Inhibits the absorption of water from the intestine and increases the release of water and electrolytes Constipation - lifestyle is often to blame

Digestion does not always work as usual. In Britain, around 30-60% have problems with bowel movements. Constipation is when someone has bowel movements less than twice a week and has to press hard. The technical term for constipation is constipation. In many cases the lifestyle is the cause of the complaints, for example a low-fiber diet, insufficient fluid intake, insufficient exercise and repeated suppression of the urge to defecate. In the long term, therefore, usually only a change in lifestyle brings improvement. It is also important to always give in to the urge to defecate and not suppress it for reasons of time. Laxatives such as LAXANS AL Bisacodyl are suitable to get the bowel going again and to make bowel movements easier.


The active ingredient bisacodyl has a laxative effect and makes it easier to empty the bowel. It inhibits the absorption of water from the intestines and increases the release of water and electrolytes. This causes the stool to soften and increase in volume, which stimulates bowel movement.
Bisacodyl is suitable for short-term use in the case of constipation and should not be taken continuously over a long period of time, as this can lead to electrolyte imbalances and fluid loss. In addition, the constipation is increased. Long-term use should therefore only be carried out under medical supervision.

LAXANS AL Bisacodyl tablets are best swallowed whole on an empty stomach with plenty of liquid in the evening or in the morning. The recommended dose is 1–2 tablets (5–10 mg) for adults and children over 10 years of age to achieve an immediate onset of action or 1 tablet (5 mg each) for children from 2 to 10 years of age. LAXANS AL Bisacodyl should not be used in children under 2 years of age. Taking it in the evening leads to bowel movements after approx. 10 hours, and taking it in the morning after approx. 6 hours. Suitable foods Foods that encourage constipation such as sugar, chocolate, white bread, cakes, or black tea should be avoided. Lactic acid products such as buttermilk or kefir as well as dried plums, apples, dates, figs, rhubarb and sauerkraut should be preferred.


stress Stress and hectic pace lead to digestive problems in many. It is therefore important to leave enough time in the morning for breakfast and going to the toilet. Therefore, meals should be taken in peace, without reading or watching TV. Relaxation techniques such as autogenic training, yoga or tai chi are helpful for reducing stress.

More fiber Dietary fiber such as wheat bran, flaxseed or flea seeds are recommended. They bind water in the intestines, the stool swells up and stretches the intestinal wall. This stimulus promotes bowel movement and the natural urge to defecate. It is important to drink a lot while doing this, otherwise the constipation may worsen. 

Frequently asked questions and answers 

How long should I take Bisacodyl LAXANS AL?

LAXANS AL Bisacodyl may only be used for a short period (up to a week) without medical advice. In the case of chronic constipation, a doctor should be consulted. If there is the impression that the effect of LAXANS AL is too strong or too weak, a doctor should also be consulted.

What is the best way to take Bisacodyl LAXANS AL?
The tablets are best taken whole in the evening or in the morning on an empty stomach with plenty of fluid. However, LAXANS AL Bisacodyl should not be taken with milk. Taking it in the evening leads to a laxative effect after approx. 10 hours, and taking it on an empty stomach after approx. 6 hours.

Is LAXANS AL Bisacodyl also suitable for pregnant women and children?
Children up to 10 years of age with chronic constipation should only be treated on the advice of a doctor. Bisacodyl should not be used in children under 2 years of age. Unwanted or harmful effects during pregnancy from the use of Bisacodyl LAXANS AL have not yet become known. However, controlled studies in pregnant women have not been carried out. Therefore, like all medicinal products, Bisacodyl tablets should only be used during pregnancy on medical advice.