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LAXOBERAL laxative drops, sodium picosulfate

Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

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Laxoberal ® laxative tablets. sodium picosulfate 30 ml 

Active ingredient: sodium picosulfate.
Field of application: For use with constipation and diseases that require easier defecation.
Warning: Like other laxatives, Laxoberal ® should not be taken daily or over a long period of time without a doctor's clarification of the cause of constipation. Contains sorbitol (laxative drops), contains lactose (laxative tablets). 

LAXOBERAL laxative drops, sodium picosulfate For information on risks and side effects, read the package insert and ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH, 65926 Frankfurt am Main.
Laxoberal ® Laxative Drops
15 ml, with sodium picosulfate, gentle drainage

Constipation is usually very uncomfortable for those affected. In addition, the stomach is often bloated and painful. This is not only physically stressful, but can also reduce the quality of life. But when does one speak of constipation at all? Anything between three times a day to three times a week counts as normal bowel movements. If you have less frequent bowel movements, if the stool is very hard or if you have to press hard, you may be constipated. The muscles of the large intestine that move the stool then work more slowly. The dry, hard stool exacerbates the problem.

Laxoberal ®Laxative drops support you in relieving constipation in a well tolerated and effective way. They take effect after about 10 to 12 hours. They work exactly where the constipation is: in the colon. Metabolic processes in other areas of the gastrointestinal tract are not influenced by the active ingredient sodium picosulfate. Laxoberal Laxative Drops are activated by the body's own colon bacteria and thus develop their effect precisely in the lower sections of the intestine. They support the sluggish bowel in two ways: The natural bowel movement is activated and the intestinal contents softened - for well-tolerated and reliable relief. In addition, more water remains in the intestine, which also supports drainage.


LAXOBERAL laxative drops, sodium picosulfate:


Laxoberal ® have been around since 1972. Laxative drops used as a remedy for constipation. They convince users not least because they can be dosed very flexibly. You can adjust the number of drops depending on the severity of your symptoms. A dosage of 10 to 18 drops is recommended for adults. First of all, it is advisable to start with the lowest dose.

If necessary, Laxoberal ® Laxative Drops, sodium picosulfate are also suitable for long-term use. However, this should be clarified beforehand by a doctor. Since you can adjust the dose of the drops to your personal needs1, the drops are gentle and well tolerated. The active ingredient sodium picosulfate in the drops is also suitable for use during breastfeeding. Children from 4 years of age can also use Laxoberal ®Take laxative drops, provided that the dosage adjusted for you is observed.


LAXOBERAL laxative drops, sodium picosulfate:

If constipation occurs occasionally or regularly, Laxoberal ® Laxative Drops, sodium picosulfate can help to gently loosen it, thus demonstrably increasing your quality of life2 and being a well-tolerated companion in your everyday life. The product is particularly characterized by its individual dosage3. The handy bottle also fits easily in your handbag or backpack, so that you have the drops to hand even when you are traveling.