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LAXOL 0.1g x 12 suppositories, constipation

Herbapol Wroclaw

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  • LAXOL - Short-term use in constipation.
1 suppository contains 100 mg of sodium dokuzynianu and neutral fat.

Sodium dokuzynian is a surfactant (an anionic detergent) that reduces surface tension and facilitates the penetration of water and fat into the stool in the colon. It does not stimulate peristalsis, and facilitates defecation only by increasing the volume and change in stool consistency. The drug is administered in order to facilitate defecation and reduce pain during bowel movements.

Do not use Laxol in inflammatory diseases of the colon, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, intestinal obstruction, abdominal pain of unknown etiology, hypersensitivity to ingredients. Do not take Laxolu long term. Long-term use can cause colonic inertia and hypokalemia. Pregnancy: Due to the lack of data on the safety of the product during pregnancy is not recommended to use suppositories Laxol® during this period. Dosage: Adults and children over 12 years is given rectally 1 suppository two times a day. Before use, cut the foil on the sharp part of a suppository and vigorously it rip.