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Leech, leeches, BLUEGEL Medirud breeding

Biebertaler Blutegelzucht GmbH

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BLUEGEL Medirud breeding Leech, leeches

Why breeding leeches and not cultured leeches?

The breeding leeches are born and raised directly in the Biebertal leech farm. The effort required for breeding and feeding is of course much greater than for the cultured leeches, which are caught and used after the 32-week interim storage period.

In general, breeding leeches are slightly smaller than cultured leeches.

leeches benefits:

Modern leech therapy is used in areas such as microsurgery, plastic and reconstructive surgery, cardiovascular disease and dermatology. Leeches are worm-like organisms which are applied to the wound area where their blood sucking action is used to increase circulation, improve blood flow and speed healing.


 Leech, leeches, BLUEGEL Medirud breeding:


Please note that leeches are live animals. We take no responsibility for whether the leeches actually bite. Unfortunately, it often happens that leeches don't like a smell, are still a little stressed from the trip, don't like the new water and many other reasons.

There is no right to compensation if you don't bite!

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