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Berberis LEHNING Complexe No. 83, homeopathic medicine


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Berberis LEHNING Complexe No. 83 drops 30ml, homeopathic medicine

  • Berberis Drops Complexe Lehning No. 83 is a homeopathic medicine indicated for use especially in the case of chronic diseases of the rheumatic ground. Its action is due analgesic properties of the components contained therein.


Berberis LEHNING Complexe No. 83, homeopathic medicine Ingredients:

30ml of the drug contains: Berberis vulgaris D2 - 3ml, Acidum oxalicum D8 - 3ml, Colchicum D3 - 3ml, Colocynthis D3 - 3ml, Betula film D1 - 3ml, Ononis spinosa D2 - 3ml, Natrum sulfuricum D2 - 3ml, Gnaphalium polycephalum D2 - 3ml, Pulsatilla D4 - 3ml, Terebinthina D3 - 3ml. The drug contains 47.5% v / v alcohol.


Berberis LEHNING Complexe No. 83, homeopathic medicine Action:

The drug exerts anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Drops Berberis Complexe Lehning No. 83 give excellent results in the form of alleviating rheumatic disorders, and sciatica of a chronic, as well as muscle pain, joint and neuralgicznych. The drug is helpful in reducing the symptoms of morning stiffness. Drops may also be taken preventively in kidney stones and gallstones, such use of the drug also gives good results.

Berberis LEHNING Complexe No. 83, homeopathic medicine Application:
homeopathic medicine Berberis Complexe Lehning No. 83 drops indicated for the adjuvant treatment of chronic rheumatic diseases, neuralgia. The indications for use are: bone pain, pain in joints and muscles, periarticular pain - pain, lumbosacral pain and knee joints of the foot, sciatica, neuralgia the chest, hip and lumbar morning feeling stiffness and shatter.

Berberis LEHNING Complexe No. 83, homeopathic medicine Additional information:
Keep out of reach of children at room temperature in a tightly closed container. This medicine contains up to 47.5% v / v ethanol. The use in pregnant women, breastfeeding women, patients suffering from alcoholism, epilepsy should consult with your doctor. You should also notify your doctor of other drugs. Due to the ethanol content may limit your ability to drive.

Berberis LEHNING Contraindications:
Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drug. Do not use in children.

Dosage Berberis LEHNING Complexe No. 83, homeopathic medicine:
Adults: unless your doctor tells you otherwise, use 20 drops 3-4 times a day. Metered dose of medicament dissolved in a little water - and cold boiled. Take between meals, making sure to use hourly intervals before eating and after eating. It is recommended that regular use of the same hours every day.