LEHNING FUCUS COMPLEXE No. 111 x 80 tablets, how to lose belly fat


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  • How to lose belly fat. LEHNING FUCUS COMPLEXE # 111 belong to the group of homeopathic preparations of orally in tablet form. Responsible for supporting the process of reducing body fat in obese people.

1 tablet contains Fuvus Vesiculosus D2 0.045 g, Antimonium crudum D8 0.045 g, Alchemilla vulgaris D2 0.045 g, 0.045 g Thyroidinum D8, Calcarea acetic D2 0.045 g.

The preparation homeopathic used orally in the form of tablets, which thanks to its unique composition alternatively work on the functioning of the body. Belongs to the category of drugs to support the weight loss process. This facilitates reduction of fat for overweight persons, while the use of proper diet.

The product is intended for administration in the case of overweight while applying normal diet.

- allergic to ingredients
- pregnancy
- breast feeding
- age children

For oral use. For adults, use 1 tablet. x 4/24 for a period of 28 days.