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LEHNING Homeomag x 45 tablets, nervous system disorders


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 LEHNING Homeomag x 45 tablets, nervous system disorders 

  • Nervous system disorders. Magnesium deficiency occurring in different backgrounds, and in particular: in the course of absorption disorders, stress and drug and the autonomic nervous system disorders, memory dysfunction, cramping.

Drug for Nervous system disorders form and composition:
Tablets - 1 tablet contains 1g:
Magnesia muriatic D1, D1 Magnesia phosphorica aa 0.05 g.,
Magnesia Bromat D4, Plumbum met. col. D8, Kalium phosphoricum D5,
Ambra grisea D5 aa 0.01 g., With vehicle ad 1 g ..

Indications for Nervous system disorders:
Magnesium deficiency occurring at a different background, and especially:
in the course of absorption disorders, stress and fears, the autonomic nervous system disorders, Nervous system disorders, memory disorders , cramping.

action for Nervous system disorders:
this drug contains essential for the organism, the biologically active ingredients with a wide operating range. Through the stimulation of many enzymes it acts on metabolism. With the right composition of ingredients drug compensates for deficiencies, and also increases the absorption of magnesium, without fear of overdose or toxic effects. Blocks heavy metals.

Recommended for:
- shortage of magnesium
- exhaustion, mental and physical, associated with magnesium deficiency,
- cramping, drętwieniach, tremors of the limbs,
- brittle nails
- stressful situations and fears,
- during pregnancy
- breastfeeding
- weakening mental health and related conditions:
· hyperactivity
· sleep disorders
· disorders of memory
· biciach heart
-Nervous system disorders

If your doctor tells you otherwise: 2 chewable tablets in the morning and evening, for at least 2-3 months or until symptoms disappear.Prophylactic use in the spring and autumn of each year, by 2 to 3 months.
Small children: half the dose.