LEHNING Rexorubia granules, demineralization


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LEHNING Rexorubia granules 350g, demineralization

  • Demineralization. Rexorubia. Children weakened, impaired bone growth in a period of rapid growth, during pregnancy, while breast-feeding.Osteoporosis, a period of convalescence. Treatment of fractures.




Children weakened, impaired bone growth in a period of rapid growth, during pregnancy, while breast-feeding.Osteoporosis, a period of convalescence. treatment of fractures

Drug form and composition:
Granules - 350 g contains:
Natrum sulfuricum D3 4.2g, 14g D3 Silicea, Calcarea carbonica D2 14g,
Calcarea iodate D4 7g, Calcarea phosphorica D2 14g,
Natrum phosphoricum D2 7g, Magnesium phosphoricum D2 4.2 g,
Ferrum phosphoricum D2 4.2 g, Rubia D2 14g, Juglans pulve. D2 14g,
Sacchar. off. ad 350 g.

demineralization of bone, deficiencies of micronutrients and minerals.
Nadmęczliwość associated with a sharp increase in developmental age.
Pregnancy, lactation, sport.
Treatment of fractures. Osteoporosis.


LEHNING Rexorubia granules, demineralization Action:


Rexorubia is a composition of biologically active ingredients very beneficial acting on the body. It is used in case of need to compensate for deficiencies of micronutrients and minerals. It stimulates the absorption of the drug from the diet of the respective components for the demineralization of the body. Rexorubia has revitalizing properties. It compensates for deficiencies and facilitates the absorption of dietary micronutrients and minerals. In the case of demineralization restores the strength of both the young and the elderly.


The LEHNING Rexorubia granules, demineralization is effective in mitigating the effects of:


· anemia
· rickets
· tooth decay
· neurasthenia
· brittle nails,
· hair loss.

It is recommended for the treatment of bone fractures.

Preparation against demineralization

Medicament is characterized by excellent tolerability and absence of side effects. Effective for pain and bone demineralization (increases bone mineralization).
Rexorubia well suited for the treatment of demineralization in women, adolescents and athletes.

Tests were performed two random groups of patients, one of which received placebo, to demonstrate experimentally that the homeopathic drug called Rexorubia really is effective in the case of demineralization of bone tissue in growing children, demineralization after birth, osteoporosis or fractures resulting from nadwyrężeń sports.

LEHNING Rexorubia granules, demineralization Description: Of the 60 patients, using medical advice in the field of sports medicine and gynecology, created two homogeneous groups in terms of age (15 - 40 years), gender and type ailments. During the experiment duration of 60 days, both groups of patients agreed to discontinue current treatment in order to undergo therapy Rexorubią or placebo, applied 3 times a day 1 teaspoon 1 hour. before meals.
On the basis of a coded questionnaire we evaluated the clinical results of blood tests and radiological tests performed on the opening day of the experiment and 60 days later.

On the first day of the study questionnaire was used by. Huskinsona containing bone pain scale. The mineralization of bone tissue was evaluated on the basis of osteodensjometrii (measured in g / cm2 at a height of L-2, L-4, by absorbcjometrii bi-x). It created also a biological balance in blood calcium levels.

The identical procedure was performed on day 60 of the study. This approach enabled to trace the evolution of the parameters studied.

The obvious therapeutic benefit !!!
noted significant improvements in the three criteria adopted.

1. The bone pain
2. demineralization - an increase in bone mineral density (there was an increase of 1,06g / cm2 to 1,22g / cm2)
3. in blood calcium levels - Rexorubii showed a significant effect on the calcium content in the blood of an average of 92,57mg / l to 95,63mg / l.

LEHNING Rexorubia granules, demineralization Conclusions:
After treatment, noted the obvious therapeutic gain in the group by taking Rexorubię. This study indicates the excellent tolerability and absence of side effects. Doctors have noted certain and indisputable results of the homeopathic drug, effective at pain and bone demineralization (increased amounts of calcium in the blood).
Rexorubia therefore well suited for the treatment of demineralization in women, adolescents and athletes.

LEHNING Rexorubia granules, demineralization Dosage:
If your doctor tells you otherwise: small children - 1 teaspoon dissolved in a little water or milk and administered 3 times a day, 1 hour.before meals. Adults and older children -
1 teaspoon 3 times a day, 1 hour. before meals.
Prophylaxis is recommended to use the drug in the spring and autumn for 2 - 3 months. Healing to compensate for shortages.