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lens cleaning wipes | Zeiss lens wipes | Product Details

Zeiss lens wipes are the professional solution for cleaning all lenses and other optical surfaces thoroughly yet gently. These pre-moistened, micro-fine tissue lens wipes are individually wrapped to maintain moisture and ensure maximum performance.

Suitable for use on all lenses (including eyewear with No Glare coating), electronics (including LCD displays), smartphones, tablet PC's, laptops, and camera lenses.

  • 200 individually wrapped, pre-moistened wipes
  • Wipe dimensions: 15 x 13cm / 6" x 5"
  • Free from aggressive cleaning substances & artificial fragrances

Directions for Use: Gently brush away any surface dust with a folded wipe. Unfold wipe and gently clean the surface with circular movements until the surface is clean and dry.


    • Type: Lens Wipes
    • Colour: White
    • Brand: Zeiss.
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