LICESTOP shampoo foam to combat lice and nits 165ml 3+, home remedies for lice


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  • LICESTOP foam to combat lice and nits in children and adults. The formula shampoo is based on natural ingredients that allow you to use shampoo prophylactically, especially in children at a time of increased risk (kindergarten, school)

Quassia Amara, vinegar, tea tree oil, Softeners. It does not contain Parabens, waxes and silicones. It does not contain insecticides.Action: LiceStop gentle, safe to use shampoo foam that contains natural ingredients: Quassia Amara, vinegar, tea tree oil. These raw materials, to effectively eliminate parasites and nits, and also protect against infection with parasites at a time of increased risk - when the problem of head lice occurs in kindergarten or school they attend our children. The formula shampoo LiceStop, was deprived of insecticides, parabens, silicones and waxes. The composition of the foam, we find an extract from gorzkli proper and vinegar, that interfere with the growth process of head lice larvae, leading to their necrosis and tea tree oil - that has a specific, hostile to the smell of lice. Foam LiceStop, does not irritate the scalp, it does not flow to the eye, does not burden the hair and softening substances contained in the formula of shampoo suitable hair smoothness and softness, which facilitates combing and removal of lice and nits with the included shampoo, special comb. Application: LiceStop shampoo foam is an innovative, safe formulation that effectively destroys lice and can also be used prophylactically - especially for children in preschool and school age at the time of the increased risk of infection lice. usage: the preparation LiceStop applied to the hair and the entire surface of the scalp, vigorously rubbing. Better effect can be obtained when applied to dry hair. After 10 minutes, the hair should be combed thoroughly attached combs and rinse thoroughly with water. LiceStop suitable for daily hair care. Special information and warnings: For external use only. Do not ingest. Not recommended for use in pregnant women and children under 3 years of age.