LIERAC Mesolift C15 Anti-Fatigue Serum

Laboratoire Native Deutschland GmbH

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LIERAC Mesolift C15 Anti-Fatigue Serum

pack size:2X15ml Dosage form:concentrate


LIERAC Mesolift C15
Anti-Fatigue Concentrate Declare war

on skin burnout!
With the MÉSOLIFT line, the anti-aging expert LIERAC presents an absolute all-round talent against tired skin, for every age and every skin type

Makes tired skin lively again!
Stress, lack of sleep, unbalanced diet, change of seasons and overwork are many factors that overload our organism on a daily basis. Tiredness gradually sets in, metabolism slows down. And this is visible on our skin!

Many women suffer from skin fatigue because hormonal fluctuations tap into nutrient reserves. The result: the cells hardly renew themselves, the microcirculation weakens. The skin loses its elasticity and radiance, the complexion appears pale and gray, the facial features are drawn - the skin burns out.

With MÉSOLIFT, LIERAC has developed a care line with two mesotherapy-inspired anti-fatigue skin care products that meets precisely this challenge, offering a preventive solution against burn-out symptoms of the skin, detoxifying it, protecting it from aging and giving it energy and moisture . What's in it?

15% pure vitamin C, minerals and hyaluronic acid give the skin energy and moisture and ensure a fresh appearance, revitalized and padded skin and a radiant complexion.

THE ANTI BURN-OUT PROGRAM FOR THE SKIN LIERAC MÉSOLIFT C15 Serum is the vitamin kick for the skin: The MÉSOLIFT C15 Anti-Fatigue Concentrate is inspired by the mesotherapy technique of aesthetic medicine and is used as a treatment in phases of stress, tiredness or seasonal Alternation recommended to combat skin burn-out. Thanks to an extemporaneous formula that activates from the first application, the illuminating pure vitamin C preserves all its freshness and potency for revitalized, luminous, radiant skin that looks more energetic. • Pure Vitamin C 15%

• Trace elements [ copper + zinc ]
• Amino acids
• Microencapsulated hyaluronic acid

Active texture and effective technology
The experts at Laboratoires LIERAC have selected the vitamins with the highest daily requirements: vitamins C, B3, E, B5 and B6. Beta-carotene, the pro-vitamin A, has also been added as it brightens the face. An active texture was developed that uses β-carotene to create an immediate glow effect. And the vegetable glycerine provides immediate moisture.

Pure vitamin C breaks down particularly easily – it quickly oxidizes in the presence of light and/or oxygen, losing its antioxidant properties and then being inactive. For this reason, Laboratoires LIERAC has developed an effective technology that preserves the freshness of pure vitamin C, based on a packaging with two separate compartments:

-The upper compartment contains pure vitamin C in powder form.
-The lower one contains the liquid.

When used for the first time, pressing the upper chamber releases the vitamin C into the lower chamber. It is released into a liquid enriched with a cocktail of active ingredients inspired by mesotherapy. The concentrate is white at first and turns orange after mixing with the vitamin C. By only activating the product the first time you use it, all the freshness and power of pure vitamin C is retained for the 15-day use.

How is the product applied?
Apply the MÉSOLIFT C15 CONCENTRATE in the morning and evening before your usual facial care and avoid the eye contour. Clean the tip after each use. Sun protection is recommended during the day.

1 month treatment = 2 ampoules (1 ampoule = 15 days*)
Repeat 2-3 times a year (stress, fatigue, change of seasons).

*Use each ampoule within 15 days of opening. After this time, the pure vitamin C loses its freshness and effectiveness.

From the 1st ampoule
Smooth skin, even skin tone: 100%(1)

After the 2nd ampoule
Radiance : +78%(2)
Toning: +70%(2)

(1) Clinical study on 31 volunteers for 15 days - twice daily use - % of satisfaction (2) Clinical study on 32 volunteers for 30 days - twice daily use - clinical evaluation