Linea x 60 tablets, fat burner


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  • The efficacy of the product is due to the correlated Linea action specially selected ingredients, which reduce body fat, prevent the formation of new fat cells, stimulate the metabolic processes

1 tablet. It contains
L-carnitine - 100 mg
Green tea extract - 50 mg
extract of the white kidney bean - 100mg
cider vinegar - 40 microgram
Chromium - 30 microgram efficacy of Linea is due to correlated action specially selected ingredients. Operation and indications: - reduce body fat - prevent the formation of new fat cells - stimulates metabolism - reduce the caloric content of mealsGreen tea - polyphenols stimulate the process of fat breakdown, facilitate the combustion and prevent the re-formation of fat cells.Green tea also regulates the digestive processes and increases energy expenditure. Phaseolamin - inhibits trwawienie starch contained in food products (potatoes, bread, pasta, piergoi).Fasolaminy protein component binds to an enzyme called alpha-amylase, it restraining degradation of starch into sugars. In rezultaci, most of the starch passes undigested through the intestines, and the body does not absorb as many calories. Apple cider vinegar - regulates digestion, stimulates the metabolism and reduces the absorption of sugars and fats. Chromium - prevents fluctuations in blood glucose levels. As a result, he prevents attacks of hunger among for sweets. The biological Its main functions is the activation of enzymes involved in the regulation of alternating sugar and fat in the body. L-carnitine - is necessary for energy production by increasing the burning of fatty acids. It prevents the accumulation of surplus stocks of fat, reduces excess body fat. Directions for use: Adults: 1 tablet 2-3 times a day. The product is recommended to use during the meal.