LINICIN lotion 15 minutes

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Linicin® Lotion 15 mins

pack size:100ml Dosage form:lotion

The active ingredient "Dimeticon" contained in Linicin® Lotion 15 min is one of the most modern and reliable in head lice therapy. It is easy to use, non-toxic and, due to its short exposure time, a very bearable way of getting rid of lice, especially for small patients.

LINICIN lotion 15 minutes Fast and effective
- Only 15 minutes exposure time for reliable results
- Eliminates not only lice, but also nits and larvae
- The lice treatment is completed by a repeat treatment after 9-10 days
- No development of resistance in the lice, since linicin mechanically affects the respiratory system of the lice works
Gentle LINICIN lotion 15 minutes and gentle
- Linicin® Lotion 15 min can be used by the whole family (children from 6 months)
- No restrictions during pregnancy and breastfeeding
- Contains no insecticides
- Contains no alcohol, dyes or fragrances
Hardly flammable
Simple LINICIN lotion 15 minutes and thorough
- Linicin® Lotion 15 min is a complete package including a lice comb for removing lice
- 100 ml package size - sufficient for 2 treatments for shoulder-length hair
- detailed instructions for use
- easy application thanks to the special applicator head
- fine-toothed lice comb for combing out lice and nits