LINICIN lotion 15 minutes without a lice comb

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LINICIN lotion 15 minutes without a lice comb

pack size:100ml Dosage form:lotion

The active ingredient "Dimeticon" contained in Linicin® Lotion 15 min is one of the most modern and reliable in head lice therapy. It is easy to use, non-toxic and, due to its short exposure time, a very bearable way of getting rid of lice, especially for small patients. 

Fast and effective

Only 15 minutes exposure time for reliable results

Eliminates not only lice, but also nits and larvae

The lice cure is completed by a repeat treatment after 9-10 days

No development of resistance in the lice, since linicin has a mechanical effect on the respiratory system of the lice 

Soft and gentle

Linicin® Lotion 15 min can be used by the whole family (children from 6 months).

No restrictions during pregnancy and lactation

Contains no insecticides

Contains no alcohol, dyes or fragrances

Hardly flammable 

Simple and thorough

Linicin® Lotion 15 min is a complete package including a lice comb for removing lice

100 ml pack size - sufficient for 2 treatments for shoulder-length hair

Detailed instructions for use

Easy to apply thanks to the special applicator head

Fine-toothed lice comb for combing out lice and nits