LINODERM Hair Shampoo 200ml


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  • Hair shampoo. Linoderm Hair strengthening hair shampoo helps keep your hair in good condition, strengthens it and prevents it from falling out.

Properly supplied scalp is an essential element that inhibits hair loss and ensures regrowth. The shampoo uses the beneficial effect of glycol extracts from the root of black radish (radish), calamus rhizome, rosemary leaves and soap root.

The fragrance composition of the shampoo consists of lemon and rosemary oils, which support the action of extracts from rosemary leaves and rhizomes of calamus.
Thanks to the regular use of shampoo, the hair becomes stronger and healthier, and the scalp gains proper blood circulation.
Linoderm Hair strengthening shampoo is recommended for daily hair care especially for damaged and falling out hair.