LINOLA fett N oil bath 200 ml

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Linola Fett N oil bath

LINOLA fett N oil bath Application:
Supportive treatment of dry or flaky skin diseases such as psoriasis and neurodermatitis.

Any contact with water and not just soap, shampoos, etc. degreases the skin.
The result is accelerated drying of the skin and the roughness, the formation of scales and tears as well as itching increase. These problems can be avoided by using Linola Fett N oil bath while bathing or showering.

LINOLA fett N oil bath:

- forms a skin-protecting lotion when bathing or showering
- pH-neutral, without coloring and preservatives
- sustainably improves the water and fat content of the skin
- increases skin elasticity and relieves itching
- is quickly absorbed by the skin