LINOLA Hand Forte Cream 50 ml best hand cream for dry hands

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Linola Hand forte, may be best hand cream for dry hands

Linola Hand Forte was specially developed for the medical skin care of visibly dry hands. Linola Hand Forte supports the natural regeneration of the skin barrier with valuable linoleic acids. Linola Hand Forte is suitable for both day and night hand care. Because of its cream formulation, it is quickly absorbed and pleasant to use. It does not oily the skin and does not leave the skin feeling sticky.

Linola Hand forte, may be best hand cream for dry hands:

- With high-quality, linoleic acid-rich rapeseed oil
- An increased lipid content and glycerine increase skin moisture
- Is absorbed quickly and does not stick
- For day and night care
- Also suitable for people with a tendency to neurodermatitis
- Clinically proven compatibility
- Without silicones, mineral oils, urea, synthetic fragrance mixtures and microplastics