LINOLA PLUS scalp tonic 100 ml

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Linola PLUS scalp tonic

Linola PLUS scalp tonic was specially formulated for the care of the sensitive scalp. In its unique combination, the tonic also contains valuable linoleic acids and the special Echinacea root extract. Linola PLUS Scalp Tonic cares especially well for the damaged scalp and has been proven to help reduce or even relieve itching, burning and tightness on the scalp. It is suitable for daily use. Depending on the severity of the itching, it can be applied to the entire scalp or to individual areas of the skin that are particularly affected by itching. With the help of the special applicator, Linola PLUS Scalp Tonic can be precisely dosed and easily spread over the scalp.

LINOLA PLUS scalp tonic :

- Soothes itchy, burning and irritated scalp
- Reduces itching, dryness and feelings of tension
- Reduces dandruff
- Relieves slight inflammation on the scalp
- Even if you have a tendency to neurodermatitis
- Smells pleasantly fresh like lemon