LINOLA PLUS Shampoo 200 ml

Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co.KG

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Linola PLUS Shampoo

Linola PLUS Shampoo contains very mild and finely coordinated washing substances. Linola PLUS Shampoo also supplies the scalp with valuable linoleic acid-rich vegetable oils and the special extract from the Echinacea root. The special shampoo from Linola PLUS smells pleasantly of lemon and, due to its skin-friendly properties, is particularly suitable for gently cleaning hair on itchy, burning or irritated scalps. It can be used on its own or ideally as a supplement together with Linola PLUS scalp tonic.

- Soothes itchy, burning and irritated scalp
- Skin-friendly and gentle cleaning
- Even if you have a tendency to neurodermatitis
- Smells pleasantly fresh of lemon