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LINOLA shower and washing machine with dispenser 500 ml neurodermatitis

Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co.KG Medicines

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Linola Shower and Wash neurodermatitis

Linola Shower and Wash is tailored to the special care needs of dry skin or skin prone to neurodermatitis. This skin reacts to excessive or frequent cleaning with increased irritation. In addition, there is also a tendency towards increased colonization with skin-damaging germs. However, this can lead to worsening of the skin condition with increased itching and reddening of the skin, which can also lead to inflammation. This is why these aspects were specifically taken into account in the development of Linola shower and wash.

Linola Shower and Wash neurodermatitis:

  • The clear gel with a skin-physiological pH value of 5.5 cleanses the body, face and hands with balanced, mild washing substances extra gently and gently.
  • The innovative microemulsion system supplies the skin with valuable vegetable oils rich in linoleic acid. This protects and supports the skin's protective barrier, which prevents the penetration of pollutants or bacteria and prevents the skin from drying out. The water balance required for the suppleness of the skin is preserved and promoted.
Linola Shower and Wash neurodermatitis:
Due to its good compatibility, Linola shower and wash is of course also suitable for sensitive facial skin, especially since it does not sting the eyes.