LINOLA UREA cream 2X100 g neurodermatitis, fish scale disease

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Linola Urea Cream, neurodermatitis, fish scale disease

Linola Urea Cream Active ingredient, neurodermatitis, fish scale disease: urea

Linola Urea Cream, neurodermatitis, fish scale disease Application:
Treatment of dry skin, such as neurodermatitis or old age skin, treatment of ichthyoses (fish scale disease).

Very dry, cracked or flaky skin, such as B. in neurodermatitis and old age skin, not only needs fat but also corneal regulation.
Urea, as contained in Linola Urea, has proven its worth for this purpose.

Linola Urea Cream, fish scale disease, neurodermatitis:

- with a special cream system with the simultaneous advantages of cream and ointment
- also helps against cornification disorders on the hands and feet
- with 12% urea as a natural moisturizing factor for the skin
- greasy but not oily (fat content approx. 38%)
- free of fragrances