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LINOMAG 20% cream 30g, eczema cure, psoriasis


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LINOMAG 20% cream 30g, eczema cure, psoriasis

  • LINOMAG. The indications for the use of cream Linomag are skin diseases like excessive dryness, eczema, intertrigo, sores, psoriasis.

100 g cream contains:
active substance: Linomag liquid 20.0 g
3% ointment boma 40.0 g
excipients: ad 100.0 g

Polyunsaturated essential fatty acid called vitamin F, through its participation in the metabolism of lipids are necessary to maintain the proper condition of the skin. The cream can be used both for therapeutic and healing - cosmetic.

Skin diseases as excessive dryness, eczema, intertrigo, nappy rash, psoriasis

eczema seborrheic. Allergic to lanolin or other ingredients. Due to the presence of boric acid do not use in children under the age of 11.

The dosage and method of application:
Externally tampon and rubbing, depending on the condition used one to three times a day. Light spread a thin layer of cream directly to the affected area of skin or apply a thick layer on the applied dressing. In psoriasis desirable to have an ointment two to three times a day or as indicated by the doctor.