Linseed oil Cold pressed LinumVital 1000ml


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Flaxseed oil is a dietary supplement that is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids supporting the functioning of the circulatory system, heart and immune system.

Linseed oil Cold pressed LinumVital Ingredients:
Cold pressed linseed oil, vitamin E (tocopherol mixture, antioxidant).

Linseed oil Cold pressed LinumVital Action:
The preparation belongs to the broad category of natural dietary supplements intended for oral use. It is a rich source of valuable unsaturated fatty acids that positively affect the functioning of the body. First of all, they normalize the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and blood pressure, supporting the functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, the preparation stimulates the natural defense mechanisms by increasing the body's immunity. It also contains vitamin E known for its antioxidant activity.

Indications: The product should be used to supplement the level of unsaturated fatty acids in the body to support the functioning of the circulatory system.

Use orally as an addition to salads, salads and other dishes.