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  • Lioton 1000 gel is a medicinal product for topical application to the skin. The drug Lioton 1000 gel contains heparin. Lioton 1000 gel is an active substance that has anticoagulant, anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effects. The gel also relieves pain and tension.

Lioton 1000 gel composition:

Active substance: sodium heparin (Heparinum natricum). 1g of gel contains 8.5mg (1000IU) of sodium heparin and auxiliary substances: carbomer 940, propyl parahydroxybenzoate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, ethanol 96%, lavender oil, orange oil, triethanolamine, purified water.

Lioton 1000 gel action:

The active substance used in the Lioton 1000 gel medicinal product is sodium heparin. The drug is recommended to be used as a support in the treatment of diseases of surface veins and contusions, hematomas and edema. Heparin acts locally antithrombotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oedematous. It counteracts the formation of superficial clots and promotes the dissolution of existing clots. Contributes to faster absorption of hematomas. The preparation relieves pain and reduces the feeling of tension.


The medicinal product Lioton 1000 gel indicated for adjuvant use in the case of diseases of the veins surface, thrombophlebitis, the syndrome of varicose veins, varicose veins of the lower limbs, as well as in the case of contusions, hematomas and edema. For use in the prevention and treatment of hypertrophic scars and keloids.

Additional information:
Keep the product out of reach of children at room temperature. It is recommended to protect against moisture and light. Use during pregnancy and lactation should be discussed with your doctor.

Do not use in the case of hypersensitivity to any component of the drug, including allergy to parabens. Do not use on bleeding, oozing, open wounds. Do not use around the eyes, mouth and nose. Do not use in case of bleeding. Do not use below 12 years of age. Do not use orally.

Side effects: Side effects
may occur with some people while taking the medicine. Individual cases of symptoms of allergic or pseudoallergic reactions have been reported. People with primary red glaucoma after local administration of heparin may develop skin lesions.

Dosage of Lioton 1000 gel:

Use as directed by your doctor or follow the instructions on the leaflet. The drug should be administered 1-3 times a day. Spread to the skin in the affected area, massage gently to absorb the gel. Edema after injuries: use up to 10 days. Surface veins diseases: use 1-2 weeks.