LIPANCREA 8000 x 20 capsules, chronic pancreatitis

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Lipancrea is used in chronic pancreatitis. States after pancreas or part resection. States after gastrectomy. Biliary stenosis caused by cancer. Cystic fibrosis.

LIPANCREA chronic pancreatitis Composition:
 1 capsule. Lipancrea 8,000 contains 8,000. Ph. Eur. lipases, 5,750 units. Ph. Eur. amylases and 450 j. Ph. Eur. proteases. 1 capsule Lipancrea 16,000 contains 16,000 units. Ph. Eur. lipases, 11,500 units. Ph. Eur. amylases and 900 j. Ph. Eur. proteases.

LIPANCREA chronic pancreatitis Action:
Extract of animal pancreatic enzymes. It contains lipase - hydrolyzing fats, amylase - breaking down starch and proteases causing protein breakdown. Each capsule of the preparation contains pellets coated with a coating resistant to gastric juice, thanks to which their contents are released only in the duodenum, where pancreatic juice is secreted. The enzymes contained in the preparation are not subject to absorption and elimination.

LIPANCREA chronic pancreatitis indications:
Chronic pancreatitis. Conditions after pancreas or part resection. Conditions after gastrectomy. Biliary stenosis caused by cancer. Cystic fibrosis.

Dosage: Take the preparation during a meal with a drink of liquid (not milk). Capsules swallow whole.

Adults: Usually 2-4 capsules of Lipancrea 8,000 or 1-2 capsules of Lipancrea 16,000 with each meal. The established dose can be increased gradually, controlling clinical signs. A dose greater than 100,000 U should not be used. Ph. Eur. lipases for a meal or 400,000 units. Ph. Eur. daily in divided doses.

Children: Recommended enzyme doses: 500 to 1000 U. Ph. Eur. lipases / kg for a meal.
A dose greater than 2500 U should not be used. Ph. Eur. lipases / kg for a meal, i.e. 10,000 units. Ph. Eur. lipases per kg bw daily in divided doses.

Hypersensitivity to pancreatin or pork protein. Acute pancreatitis.